Video and Animation for Businesses
video and animation for businesses

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  •  Sheket Film Production is an established promotional and animated films production company
    Sheket Film Production was founded 14 years ago out of a love for the world of documentary cinema. The human story is what attracted us to filmmaking and that passion drives us to this day. Over the years we've honed our skill in creating films for the business sector and we now work with dozens of leading filmmakers in the cinema and television industry. Every year, Sheket Film Production produces a wide range of premium cinematic products for the biggest companies in the private and business sectors in several countries: animated, promotional, instructional and product films; films for sales promotion events and viral videos for the social media.
    Animated Films for Businesses - They Do the Job
    More and more organizations, companies and businesses are discovering the distinct advantages of having an animated video produced by professionals. Sheket Film Production produces videos for improving the company's image and making it stand out in the field as well as for fundraising, growing clientele and, of course, improving sales.
    The Perfect Format for Company Branding
    In today's dynamic digital age in which people want an immediate response to their needs, promotional films for companies are an indispensable and effective means. By producing a promotional film with us, in just a few minutes you can convey a positive message about your business or product. Other means would require a long series of words and explanations to convey the same message, not to mention the high costs. In contrast, producing an animated promo film involves a relatively minor investment, making it affordable even for small and medium-sized businesses.
    In-Depth, Serious Branding Process
    In today's world, proper branding is a cornerstone for the success of organizations and businesses. This is why every promotional video we make is based on a professional, in-depth process, beginning with understanding the business's unique qualities, its target audience and the goal and purpose of the video. The goal may be advertising through the media, fundraising, a business meeting, a conference or any other specific need. The result of this process will come through in a promotional film which is original and of high quality while maintaining the brand's values and fulfilling its purpose precisely.
    A Professional Video in Every Detail
    Besides the great importance we place on understanding the business's image and needs and formulating a clear and distinct message, we make sure the message is conveyed precisely throughout the duration of the video. These considerations guide us through every stage of production, from writing the screenplay through the final editing stages. Furthermore, at each stage we devote attention to the finest details, including the design of the characters and backgrounds, the style, pace and motion of the animation, professional narration, titles, high-quality music and more. In other words, we don't cut corners and we don't release a video that's less than perfect. This approach is a result of a deep understanding of our profession and its aims, as well as the desire to provide our clients with the best possible product which serves as an effective leveraging tool for branding the business and its image.
    We create several kinds of films:
    1. Promotional Films - The promotional film is usually the company's main film, the "superfilm," the film that provides a bird's-eye view of the company, presents the company's history, its experience in its field, its founders, the people on the ground, its long-term achievements and so on. The film's primary purpose is to present the company to potential clients - a sort of initial introduction. Know who we are and what we do. A foundation of confidence and trust before we start doing business.
    From a two-minute promotional film one can learn a lot about the company, get to know its people, its products and the service it provides, indicate professionalism and experience, and even inspire emotion. A promotional film is a must for every business and company.
    2. Sales Promotion Films - A sales promotion film is intended to promote sales of a specific product at a specific time. Whether it be a new product, a launch event or a special offer on an existing product or new service, the film is meant to boost the campaign. A well-aimed animated film or video hits the target, making full use of the moment to push the product. Every campaign is different and approaches the subject in a different way.
    3. Fundraising Films - Fundraising films have become very popular in recent years, mainly as a result of the crowdfunding websites that have cropped up. The vast majority of advertisers on these sites use fundraising films. Why? Because film is a first-class marketing tool. It's much easier to persuade with a film than with an article. The very fact that it's visual draws the viewer in in a more powerful, enjoyable and friendly way and engages the viewer's emotions.
    4. Instructional and Explanatory Films - When you can both see and hear, everything becomes easier. This is why many, many businesses use videos and animated films to explain and instruct their customers in the use of an application, service, program, use of a website and more. An instructional film saves a lot of time and effort dealing with customers by phone and email and makes the instructional process much simpler.
    So what's the cost of an animated marketing film for a business or company?
    Creating an animated film for a business involves several stages: Pre-production - research, creative work, screenwriting and production. Design - design of characters and backgrounds. Storyboard - creating the perfect storyboard. Animation - bringing the film to life. And post-production - video editing, sound editing, effects, narration, titles.
    The price is based on these parameters.


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